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   About Us


Horseshoe Point has its vision of becoming the best recre-education center in Thailand. Likened to an oasis in the country’s Eastern Region, it boasts a lush green wildlife habitat and a hideaway for people looking for places to unwind in a peaceful natural setting. It provides all the requisite facilities: grounds, nature trails, swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, quality horses, stables, indoor and outdoor riding arena, and many more fun activites.  All these are set in some two and a half thousands acres of parkland, woods, and lakes - thus being able to serve all recre-educational purposes.

It has been recognized by major corporations as a great place for their company's activities and out-of-office development programs. Children remember Horseshoe Point as the place where they have a great time with interesting and fun activities. Many families come back to Horseshoe Point when they look for quality time not to far from Bangkok.

The residents of the Thailand Eastern Seaboard have chosen it for their country club. All horse lovers refer to it as "simply the best" for its quality horses that you would not expect to see them in Thailand leading with the Lusitano from Portugal, riding facilities, and most importantly, the love of horses in that are shared in the place from the owners down to staff and to all riders.

If you belong to one of the aforementioned, come and visit us and see for yourself the "Naturally Excellent" place for you on the Thailand Eastern Seaboard.

Message From Khun Chaikiri


Our Legacy


The first time I got on horseback was when I was 10 years old, which is now some 50 years ago. Since then, the passion for horses has grown within me and I have taken horse back riding as my favorite hobby and I consider it as my lifetime "art piece".


When I first arrived at what is now Horseshoe Point, which is 30 years ago; it was really the middle of nowhere. I started the place as the family's second home, where we get together and ride together. After my father passed away in 1993, my siblings and I have decided to build Three Kingdoms Park here according to his last wish. Horseshoe Point has then become the place of our family legend.


After having worked for almost 50 years at my professional life in various family businesses where I have seen the ups, downs, and the uncertainties of the business world and people lives. Along the way, we have grown our cities, homes, and lifestyles into constructions, traffic, pollutions, stress, waste, consumerism, and leave only little time and space for our families, nature, health, and ourselves. I envision Horseshoe Point to be the true recre-education center that optimizes its naturally excellent setting within, parklands, woods, and lakes. Horseshoe Point is to be the place where people get together in a pleasant environment and interact with nature and animals.


I believe that today, The Horseshoe Point is ready to welcome all of you who wish to return back to nature, space, and have quality time with those you love and those you have to work with in a beautiful environment.


I hope very much to see you at the Horseshoe Point and I hope that you will let it refresh and reinvigorate your life.



Sincerely Yours,


Chaikiri Srifuengfung
Founder & Owner
The Horseshoe Point