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Our Team

Our team is normally comprised of internal and outsourced staff. The number of staff available is dependent on the number of participants. Our team includes:
Camp Leader is the primary supervisor of the camp, responsible for general camp management, especially program and logistics to achieve the objectives that yield a positive environment. The camp leader is the center of information and the main decision maker for emergency cases. 
Camp Facilitator accommodates the students during the activities with instructions, guidance, and supervision of the assigned group (ranging from 5 to 12 children per group). 
Camp Coordinator supports other camp staff by communicating and coordinating with other supporting activity staff, operational staff, and designated intermediaries to deliver their assigned services in a proper manner.

The residential living concept that Horseshoe Point upholds is “to live and learn." We believe that the best learning is that achieved through experience.


Our dormitory provides a colorful and lively place for kids to come together and create lasting memories through cooperative experiences. The dorm is separated into boy (Colt Dorm) and girl (Foal Dorm) sections with bunk beds, rest room facilities and round-the-clock security.


The dormitory building also features a central living room area, a kids' cafe and separate kitchen (where camp participants can learn to cook their own meals) and nurse's room.