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Horseshoe Point’s Youth Camp services are separated into two major types of programs. Firstly, we offer the fully-organized “Discovery Camp” (3-day and 5-day), our own in-house program. We also provide co-partnering programs where the concept of the camp is designed with partnering companies, or educational institutes such as “ Self-Discovery Camp.” We coordinate camp staff recruitment, organize the event, and evaluate for improvements.


DISCOVERY CAMP is an adventure fun program combining our extensive camp facilities with a wide range of outdoor activities all supervised by experienced camp staff. Many elements that are essential in our dynamic world: leadership and social skills, creativity, time management, planning, etc. - are practiced in a series of games which challenge the campers to try new experiences. The activities include mountain biking, trekking, ATV, tennis, swimming, horse riding, basketball, soccer, treasure hunts, painting, outdoor cooking & BBQ's, forest shelter building, raft-building, camping, and the Horseshoe Point's amazing paintball & BB gun combat zone.


Discovery Camp welcomes all levels of fitness and skills by designing the activity program differently according to the age group of campers (separate group of 8-10 and 11-16 years old). 


If interested, Click here to book our Discovery Camp, or call for more information.


SELF-DISCOVERY CAMP is a youth development camp activity created in association with Ms. Kanitaviriya Torsuwan of Prima Publishing Co, Ltd. The program’s flagship event is an activity-cum-meditation camp, otherwise known as the “Self Discovery Camp”.


The objectives of the Camp are to promote and instill (children aged between 7-11) good social and cultural values in the young generations. It seeks to maximize the children’s spare time during school breaks, enabling them to freely explore and obtain worthwhile experiences. Participants take part in a full array of fun-filled activities under the close supervision and direction of professional leaders. The participants will also acquire ethics and moral studies without them knowing it, and much more. This unique program runs for 5 days and 4 nights.

Next camp is coming in:

March 18-22, 2008 / April 22-16, 2008 / May 6-10,2008            

July 15-19, 2008 / October 14-18, 2008

If interested, Click here to book our Self-Discovery Camp, or call for more information.