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Pony Club


The Pony Club is an international youth organization for those interested in ponies and riding. It was founded in England in 1929 and is now represented in 15 countries and has a membership exceeding 100,000. It is the largest association of riders in the world and the majority of the most successful riders in all disciplines of British equestrian competition have been members of The Pony Club.

The Pony Club is open to children and young adults aged 5 to 21. The aim of the club is to provide quality riding tuition as well as a full program to teach horse care and the basics of stable management.


Activities: Riding and safety (Beginners to Advanced)
              Horse care
              Training in dressage and show jumping
              Competitions at home and elsewhere
              Lectures from visiting horse experts
              Camps held at the facility


All Participants will be eligible for the Pony Club Efficiency examinations and certificates.


Trail rides


Trail riding at the International Riding School at Horseshoe Point is a wonderful way to enjoy some time on horseback while discovering the natural surroundings over a wide variety of terrain.

We have numerous trails of various length and difficulty. Beginner riders will ride at a walk with a leading groom. More advanced riders will be in a separate group and can enjoy trot and canter.

Our scenic trail rides pass by sandy flats, man-made mini-lakes, hills, pineapple fields, rubber plantations, a golf course and small villages. Every trail features a different aspect of the surrounding valley and will make for a unique and memorable experience!


Able the Disabled


“Able The Disabled” is the Proactive Vision of two unique women, who grew up in separate parts of the World in different circumstances, but with a common passion. That passion evolved in to a reality as they became close friends; through combining riding and helping those less fortunate within Thailand they created “Able The Disabled.”.

For thousands of physically and mentally disabled people throughout the World  riding horses and ponies has become their first step away from the protective shelter of home, or special school, to the hustle and bustle of the outside world. This has led to new occupations, careers, friendships and a more full and useful life in the community.

Many disabled people benefit from riding, some from the relaxation it gives, others by actually learning to ride. The benefits can be enormous and wide-ranging. They include improvement of balance, coordination, muscle tone, concentration, cooperation and behaviour. A feeling of independence and “I can do it!” is achieved. For many riders their visit to the stables is the thing that they look forward to most in their week and, in some cases, it may be their only opportunity to meet others.

Disabled Riders also gain from the following:
• Improved health and well being.
• Heightened body awareness.
• Improved natural body reflexes.
• Improved balance and posture.
• Improved sequencing of actions.
• Increased hand – eye co-ordination.
• Development of gross and fine motor skills.

For more information, please call ++66 (0) 38 24 8 026 or visit our website