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We have more than 100 horses of different breeds including Lusitano, Lipizzaner, Arab, Appaloosa, Australian Stock Horse, Royal Alter Real, Thoroughbred, DutchWarmblood, Trakehner, Falabella as well as the sturdy Thai Pony. Many of these animals have been imported from Europe, the USA and Australia over the last 25 years by the owning family. Here at the Horseshoe Point, our famous ones are;


LUSITANOS: The Lusitano is the Portuguese version of the Spanish Andalucian. It is a very cooperative, intelligent and responsive breed. Its action is also quick and balanced. As a result, it is growing in demand for use as a dressage horse.


FALABELLA: The Falabella is the smallest breed of horse in the world. Descended from the Andalusian breed; developed in the pampas of Patagonia. It is known as a horse-type rather than a pony-type because of its proportions and character. Although downsizing has caused a few weaknesses in the physical characteristics, the horse is quite attractive and developed great stamina.


LIPIZZANER: The Lipizzaner horse is usually associated with the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. It is agile and athletic and its quiet temperament makes it especially suitable for the School disciplines. The colour is uniformly white, although foals are born black or brown.