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Horseshoe Point Resort has welcomed many world-class corporations over the years and is recognized as the choice venue for "Corporate Outings." Located only 1.30hrs from  Bangkok and 30 minutes from the sea, its unique offerings include beautiful Mediterranean setting, integrated indoor and outdoor facilities, extensive activities, wide open green spaces, comfortable lodging and dining, and friendly service.

As the most complete activity resort,   we cater to every corporate need,   be it for staff,  management,or participants' family members. Besides 5 fully-equipped function/ meeting rooms, as well as a variety of outdoor areas most suitable for team building activities, there are leisure facilities such as the Aliva Spa for ladies, golf next door for gentlemen, swimming, a spacious Kids' Corner, and horseback riding. Also, the "Three Kingdoms Park" situated next to the Horseshoe Point, is a memorable place to visit, providing learning in terms of values and beliefs for a successful business.

Horseshoe Point Resort is not only for serious meetings, but company outings, parties, customer relationship-building events as well as customer entertainment (i.e. we are the only place that features private shows such as the "Classical Riding" show.) For corporate clients, annual programs can be customized and arranged in a package as we are a one-stop service.  If you are interested to learn more, please email

Horseshoe Point Resort has 5 different function rooms that are fully equipped with the prerequisite meeting equipment. Click to down load our function rooms details.

“Team Building” is the highlight choice experience of Horseshoe Point Resort's corporate clients. Every part of Horseshoe Point -- be it the forests, soccer field, horse ranch, lakes, swimming pool, paintball field or activity field --  offers a safe, pleasant atmosphere amidst real nature. All these areas are creatively used for team building activities.
We have a professional team to organize and run all team-building programs from 10 people up to 100 people. Participants may find the activities tough at times and get some bruises. However, these outdoor activities result in successful bonding and good memories. Participants feel like they have been to something similar to a Boy Scout camp. They can then reminisce and relate entertaining anecdotes, being energized to  work better together back at the office.
Walk and Bike Rally
Walk/ Bike Rally is a par course or route of activity stations that all participants have to go through as a team. Learning and key messages with specific themes can be included in this exercise as the participants will be seeing and thinking about these points of learning. Scoring, Competition and Reward can be arranged through the exercises.
Sport Day
Sports Day is a day with different games and competitions. Its benefits are motivational and  relationship-building through fun games, sports activities and exercise. We can organize either a half or whole day of different activities for you.
Paintball has always been a preferred activity for corporate team-building as everyone in the field is equal. They are equally exposed to being shot and shooting someone as no company ranking or job description applies during the game. This game is a  popular means of managing aggression and alleviating stress.
Pool Games
We can also arrange fun games in the pool for your team. Usually, pool games are the most popular team-building exercise for its refreshing and amusing aspects. This has been proven to relax and help open up participants' minds.
Raft Building
As we have many natural ponds on our property, we created a variety of boat/ raft building games. It is when each team is provided with the same amount and type of equipment and materials from which they have to create a boat or a raft to be used together in that pond for a competition.